You get 8 weeks of FREE training. You will be training at least 2 times a week for 90 minutes and will receive top notch coaching by Boxing professional's who will put you through your paces. You will learn to box and defend yourself while having a great time getting fitter and being looked after by a fantastic team.

Its not every day you get this kind of opportunity for FREE and you will certainly remember it for the rest of your life.

Watch the videos and see what the training is like.


Its our business to look after you while your learning. We cater for any age and both male and female contenders are most welcome. You dont need any experience we give you the tools to get the job done on event day.

We have not had one person that said they hated the experience with a high percentage of people love the training that much they stay on to learn more and stay fit.

Because our lever of expertise we know you will get the most out of your experience so get yourself signed up today for time of your life.


We always ensure the safety of our contenders, we make sure that we strictly adhere to the rules and regulations set out below.

Here is a summary of the guidelines:

  • Both male and female boxers may compete
  • You must be aged 18 or over to compete
  • All boxers train together to ensure fairly matched bouts
  • All Boxers are to have a medical before and after they box.
  • Bouts contested over 3 rounds of 2 minutes with 1 minute intervals
  • 16oz gloves to be worn
  • Full headgear to be worn
  • Groin protection compulsory for males, optional for females
  • Scoring by referee & 2 judges
  • Three standing eight counts in a round will result in referee stopping contest
  • The referee can stop the bout at any stage if in their independent opinion, the safety of either boxer is compromised.


The following acts shall not be permitted during a Contest:-

(a) hitting below the belt:
(b) using the “pivot blow”:
(c) hitting on the back of the head or neck:
(d) kidney punching;
(e) hitting with the open glove, the inside, or the butt or the back of the hand, or with the wrist or elbow;
(f) holding, butting, or careless use of the head, shouldering, wrestling or roughing:
(g) not trying;
(h) persistently ducking below the waistline;
(i) intentional falling without receiving a blow;
(j) failing to break when so ordered, or striking or attempting to strike an opponent on the break;
(k) deliberately striking a opponent when he is dropping to the floor or when he is down;
(l) hitting an opponent after the termination of a round;
(m) any other conduct which a Referee may deem foul;

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