Bringing Boxing In Chelmsford Closer To Everyday People

Mighty Fighter Boxing in Chelmsford is a unique training programme with an achievable goal at the end – To become a Mighty Fighter Boxer in the ring.

We give normal everyday people the chance to get in the ring for real. This means that absolutely anyone can give this a go and does not depend on any special fitness levels or skill.

March 3rd 2018

Mighty Fighter's sole purpose is to encourage, new people with little to no experience, into the sport of boxing. men and women who would never walk in to a fighting gym and take them through a process of mental and physical transformation.

Our specially designed program offers a progressive route towards semi professional standards and a fantastic opportunity to fight on our grand finale boxing show after 16 weeks of the best training out there.

If you are looking for a complete program that will change your life forever then this is for you.

On completing the "Mighty Fighter Boxer" you will be in the best physical condition ? of your life but more importantly you'll leave with the mental strength ? to conquer anything life throws at you

Dan McCubbing 1

"This is one of the best experiences I have  ever had".

D McCubbing

Mighty Fighter March 2016

It's Not Just About Fighting

It's about a real life changing experience!

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